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It's a simple 2D action game with a focus on battles. If you like the boss battles in SEKIRO, Nioh, or Hollow Knight, you'll probably enjoy this game.

Ver.1.1 Update!!!




A new mode called "HARDCORE mode" will be added.

Attacking the candle at the starting point will change the color of the sky. The strength and placement of the enemies will remain the same, but your health gauge will change to a number and will decrease over time. It will recover if you defeat the enemies, so please aim to clear the game before it reaches zero.

In this game, if you were in NORMAL mode, you might have been able to defeat the boss by "staying away from the enemy and taking your time to defeat him" or "pushing him hard to prepare for damage. In HARDCORE mode, however, you'll need to defeat the boss "as quickly as possible without taking damage. This makes fighting bosses more difficult and more fun. I hope you enjoy the hot boss fights and the sense of accomplishment that comes with clearing them!

遊び方 How to Play

  • 敵を倒しながら進んでいき、塔のてっぺんを目指しましょう。
  • 腕によりますが30~40分程度でクリアできるはず。
  • 隠しボスがどこかに隠れてます。
  • Defeat enemies as you move forward and aim for the top of the tower!
  • You should be able to clear it in about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on your skill.
  • There is a hidden boss somewhere.

操作方法 Control


  • [A][D]or[←][→]:移動
  • [K]or[Z]:ジャンプ
  • [L]or[X]:攻撃


  • 左スティック:移動
  • ×ボタン:ジャンプ
  • ○ボタン:攻撃


  • 左スティック:移動
  • Aボタン:ジャンプ
  • Xボタン:攻撃


  • [A][D] or [←][→] : Move
  • [K] or [Z] : Jump
  • [L] or [X] : Attack

PS4 Controller

  • Left stick: Move
  • X button: Jump
  • Circle button: attack

Xbox controller

  • Left stick: Move
  • A button: Jump
  • X button: Attack

更新履歴 Update log

2021/04/06 Ver.1.1.0

  • ゲームモード「HARDCOREモード」の追加
  • レベルデザインやボスについて全体的な微調整
  • 塔3階の刀のボスを再調整
  • Addition of the game mode "HARDCORE mode".
  • Overall tweaks to level design and bosses.
  • Readjusted the sword boss on the third floor of the tower.

2021/3/28 Ver1.0.0

  • 公開。release.

作った人 Made by

BGM提供:つよみー (@tsuyomi0508)

それ以外全部:ニカイドウレンジ NikaidoRenji
Twitter : @R_Nikaido
Mail : nikaidorenji@gmail.com



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Hi! I love the gameplay and I wanna know how how did you design the Boss AI so that it will move back and forth to the player. That makes the game so interesting


I just set a movable range and move randomly left and right within that range!

Thank you! I am rebuilding my samurai game and I wanna design interesting boss fights like yours. BIG THX!


you may try my game too! 

This game is surprisingly more like a puzzle game than hack n slash. Rushing in like a mad man doesn't help me at all :)