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Hi! I'm wanting to take games made for GBJam and make them for Gameboy! Would I be able to get the assets and build for this? If possible, the GB studio project too? This would be for my own personal use :) 

Okay, that's fine! Email me.

Thank you! Will do :)

very nice, thank

as somoene who practices shinkendo,

 this is really cool!

I love this!



It was a really good, if short, game. The main critique I had through playing it was how sometimes I sorta knew what I was doing, but the strategy was quite odd. That might just come from me playing it more though

A more nitpicky thing, it would be pretty cool if the enemies were named something rather than just "enemy"

A really fun game. 



Iaido or Kendo?

Either way it's awesome!

shinkendo is actually a sword art too! it combines allot of different aspects into one art


I really need a physical port of this!


This game is amazing! So simple, yet so addictive! 


I gotta be honest, this is one of my favorite games of all time. great simple mechanics that interplay really well and make every time something comes out right feel like a real outplay, and great ai difficulty scaling. just really really simple and good.


fun game ! 


Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it was fun in its simplicity a which only made me wan to defeat my enemy all the more! I made a let's play of it here~


What a nice game!! So simple and a must!!

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Very cool and simple! Beat all six levels. Almost reminds me of a boss battle from a WarioWare game for some reason, haha.

It took me a while to realize that you guard by standing still. I really enjoyed learning how to play this! I'd love to see two master samurai face off against one another. ;)


Had a crash on mac and Can't play it. Doesn't even start:

Crashing on exception: *** +[NSString stringWithCString:encoding:]: NULL cString

Looks cool!


Fun, a lot of tension in it =)


It took me a while to figure out that blocking happens when you are not pressing any button, so I'll post it here for those wondering.

Great game and fantastic polish. Love it!


My anti-virus detected something, "TR/Dropper.Gen", and wont let me play the game :/

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